I always read weekly reviews, Sunday posts or Monday updates on other blogs, which is why I decided to include a Weekly Moments section on Rose Colored Moments as well. For the next half year I will add the city I am writing this in the title. I guess this might be interesting as we have lots of travelling coming up. But let’s start with the first Weekly Moments from Sydney.backpacker work & travel


So much has happened this week. We actually bought a car, went on our first one day road trip with friends, had to move apartments and worked a lot. But as the weather was freezing and rainy anyways, working wasn’t too bad. I will write a separate post about the car we bought so I don’t want to give too much away, but we bought it from other backpackers and it already has a bed in it. On Saturday we already spent about five hours just cleaning the car and we’re still not done, but we’re getting there. It’s all pretty exciting!

On Monday we went on a little road trip (not with our car, as it only has three seats). First stop was Morisset Park where you can see and feed wild kangaroos. After we drove to Newcastle with a short stop and hike to Glenrock Lagoon. I guess Newcastle is a nice city with great beaches, but unfortunately almost everything was closed on Mondays.Wild Kangaroo Morisset Park Glenrock Lagoon New South Wales BackpackerThis was the last sunrise I watched from the balcony at our first apartment in Bronte. We only had the room for four weeks intermediate rent, so we had to move to another apartment. Luckily finding a room or whole apartment isn’t too hard through all the great Facebook groups. We’re now in North Bondi at Bondi Beach, but already miss Bronte.Weekly Moments Sydney Bronte Beach SunriseAfter buying the car I spent hours on Instagram and Pinterest looking for camper van and 4WD inspo. I also created an Australia road trip pin board, so take a look if you like.


There will be lots of working this week, but it’s alright as the real ‘travel’ part of our work & travel experience is approaching now. We’ll be off in about two weeks, so we’re going to explore as much of Sydney as we can. Also I’ll do my best to fix up the car and clean the interior a little.


Instagram Stories were quite a surprise to me and I didn’t really saw it coming that fast. Did you? Right now I am still using Snapchat but might give Instagram Stories a try this week. What are you using? Snapchat or are you just staying on Instagram now?


I love taking the ferry to get around Sydney as the views are spectacular and I also saw Dolphins once.Sydney Skyline Work and Travel Opera House

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